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Aesthetics. Security. Performance.


The 209 Series High Performance Doors from ASI Doors provides a sleek look, rapid door speed and long-term, low maintenance costs for many applications, including auto dealerships, municipal buildings, hospitals and in high security applications such as jails.

Low Lifetime Cost

Our proprietary design with no moving parts means low lifetime cost for you.

  • Roller Wheels
  • Belts
  • Pulleys
  • Springs
  • Hinges
  • High Wear Parts to Replace

Easy installation!

Sleek Design, Engineered For Speed
  • Door speeds up to 80" per second
  • High cyclability
  • Non-contact design — Quiet operation
  • Small footprint means less construction cost


Three images showcasing the 209-CV model door and the words 'Modern Aesthetics'.

Wide, 6" full vision polycarbonate
slats enhance building appearance.

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Three images showcasing the 209-D model door and the words 'Reliable Security'.

Minimal visibility to solid slat design for high security applications.

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A single image showcasing the 209-CD model door and the words 'Exceptional Value'.

Consistent Design

  • Same great aesthetics, alternate functionality
  • Lower speed/Lower cycle
  • Engineered for moderate traffic
  • Cost effective

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